Growing Into Music: Mali


Da Kali – The Pledge to the Art of the Griot


Dò Farala A Kan – Something Has Been Added

The two films on the music education of Mali’s young jelis, realised as part of our main project Growing Into Music, are now both online. In the two films, we follow several children from established griot families in urban and rural Mali as they start to learn and practice the ancient art of Jeliya (the art of the jeli).

In the first film, Da Kali – The Pledge to the Art of the Griot, we meet several children and their families, as well as visit schools, wedding parties and other learning environments, to understand how the commitment to this art is passed down the generations.

The second film, Dò Farala A Kan – Something Has Been Added, follows the children of two prestigious jeli families over a three year period to document musical progress among Mali’s hereditary musicians, with a special focus on the differences between city and countryside.

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